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All this promise: never broken, never kept

All this buildup, never released

All these feelings, never utilized

All this time, I never realized you were my escape

You lived in the present

You could dodge questions masterfully

You had no plan, no home,

You were an enigma

Promise me that you will not disappear again

Promise me that you'll come back

Promise me there will be a future

Promise enough and they may come true

Was there a reason?

Was I here for some purpose?

Was it just that we needed to grow into each other?

Was it just that we needed to move on?


Red as the devil in your eyes

Red as the cinders rise when they are snuffed out

Red as the promise of what could have been


I really wanted to write about toxic love since the last few of my writings have been centred around different types of love. The last few I would consider being good versions of love and I wanted to touch over one that wasn't much hate as it was just destructive. I've tried to tie them into some color motif and I couldn't consider ones better than red or green. But since I can't really recall some point where I have felt envy or disgust in relation to love off the top of my head, I decided to do one on more "red" feelings like passion and frustration and ultimately what keeps someone in that cycle. This was the one that I liked doing the most since I didn't really feel any bittersweet emotion while writing and thank god for that. I think I have a couple more ideas for this colors of love or whatever series and I hope to finish them before finals ramp up but I can't really promise that. Anyway, I hope you liked this and definitely give me some feedback in any way cause this is an angle that I don't really examine much.



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