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I want to be on that sloop

And see how that mainsail sails

I want to see the world

The one that you saw

You were a troubadour, a soldier, a fighter

And a family man all before 30

You did not shy away from conflict or new things

There was no hate in your heart, all was love

You are a human kiln

Forging all that cross your path

Always influencing with a calm voice and jovial demeanor

Pushing everyone to be better for themselves

There were others like me

Yet you saw something

You saw what I could be

You pushed me onward

I do not believe in idolatry

Whether it be for a person or thing

But respect must be given

To the man who taught me so much

I still remember those last words you told me

They still ring no matter how silent

I wish I answered your final call

I hope I am that good man

That morning dove still perches on my roof

The light grey against a sea of blue

It coos as I unlock my door

It reminds me of what I am and why I'm here

And it pushes me to be a better man

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