The feeling in the air

The warmth around me

The smell of freedom

Where will you take me?

When will the sun stop shining

When will the ocean swallow us

When will our happiness collapse on its self

Where will you take me?

How long will it last

How far will we go

How much can we take

Where will you take me?

Why do I feel like this

Why is there anxiety

Why does it hurt to be so happy

Where will you take me?

What is this

What do I feel

What am I living in

Where will you take me?

Will we live among the stars

Will we sleep under palm trees

Will we ever be apart

Where will you take me?

Will we rest together

Will we last

Will you stay

Where will we end?

I promise I’ll post something that wasn’t from my depressed, emo teenage phase.

This was, again🙄🙄, from 2016.

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