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A Toast

To another day. Another tide that has buffeted and bashed and broken this base yet we stay resilient. Another lashing by Scylla and all forces of the sea. An escape from the foulness of monotony for the cold embrace of adversity is what we desire and would have it no other way. Once more to be remembered by Poseidon and once more to be forgotten by Gaia, we venture because we know few others can sustain the lashings and loss that we have.We continue not with mournful tears of what we have given, but with our chins held high against the roar of our gracious host as we return to our home. We drink to our perseverance and we eat to our strength. On this day, we continue like any other man should. Forget the what is behind us with their sirens and cyclopes, the destination is up ahead to a much brighter future. Thank you.

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