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An Appeal to Impatience

Ask me a question

What to do if you are to stand here?

Twiddle your thumbs until they break

Tap your feet to stave that encroaching cloud

You could give in and become frustrated?


twice right,



only once ahead.

Feel that breeze of wilting carnations

Feel those legs that lock and bow

That cold wall that you balance yourself on melts

Reject this and you will finish your sentence at home

Close those eyes and think

Think of all those steps that can be taken

All those memories that do not exist

What will be lost without action

You must step forward

Fight and cow and return yourself to land

This advance is not a retreat

Do not wait for your liberation

No one will be there

This game of chess does not need to be played

Approach and feel isolated

Hold and lose doubt to reality

Look at these sights

That snow has not given way

To cherry blossom-pedalled grass

Your presence is felt

Chase that heavenly cold

Frostbite to give us life

The only desired comfort is in the ground

So why must you wait?

That bed rots with comfort

This peace stales evermore

Another day without loss

And take another step

Now it is over

Forget your determination

They will too

Only you will remember your loss

14 billion years and never a perfect moment

You charged uphill

You made that risk and you took it

Tomorrow, you will step first


I really wanted to write about the perks of action over patience, risk calculation, and the desire to escape. I am still learning how to really get with this writing here but I tried being more abstract and less on the head about it(although compared to some of you all this probably reads really simply) but I felt much more confident about this one since this is actually all finals procrastination. In terms of the writing, I wanted to reflect on the nature of risks and that dream of "the perfect moment" that we all desire but will never come. This is an argument against the modern form of patience to wait for a perfect moment despite the fact that every actor in this world has the agency to do the exact same. This is all sensible as humans with logic and reasoning have, but that desire for a good opportunity to take those risks may never come, and thus that desire you once had(whether it be love, companionship, work, or other) wastes away. It takes into account that an attempt to break that stalemate may end in failure and that is not bad. A no in any scenario is infinitely better than a maybe or a probably not. To this essay, it is to forego those mechanisms designed to minimise losses but also minimises gains. It is to refuse human wiring and instinct and to go. It is to be impatient.

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