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Your eyes were a soft amber brown

They reminded me of honey



The way you walked was so gentle

A bit of a bounce in your gait



You read me in some odd way

Before I knew how to read myself

And though I had so little time with you

It was nice while it lasted

You never smiled much

It made the times you did that much better

But knowing I won’t see you smile again fills me with this emptiness

It’s been so long yet I find myself thinking about it still

I wish you smiled more

I wish I knew how to get over it

That last time I held you

That last time I saw you look up at me

That last time you kissed me

We both knew it was that last time

It keeps me up at night sometimes

That last time

I cry about it sometimes

I feel listless when I think about you sometimes

I live that day over and over again sometimes

Did it hurt?

It was quick, right?

I like to think you’re better off now

But I also know I think that solely to put my mind at ease

I wish you could meet her

You guys would have been best friends

Part of me sees some of you in her

That gentleness

That love

That curiosity

My favorite part about you was how strong you were

Despite everything you went through

She’s pretty strong, too

You guys would have been best friends

There’s so much I wish I could show you now

You’d have loved it here

There’s so much green

There’s so much space

And I’m a different person, too

I don’t hate myself like I did when you knew me

I know it probably never meant much to you

But you meant a lot to me

You still do

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