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What is it that scares you?

Is it the glare of the storms that hide in my eyes

Which glint at you like skies of thunder?

Is it the way they catch the light and set on fire

Like embers in a coal pit?

Those desiring pools of blue where Devils dance

Are where you chance and gamble

But fail in the face of my deck of aces.

Is it the way I hold my shoulders?

Or the way my eyes smoulder

And scold you

Or is it the boulders of my bones

That fold under you

Screaming ossified damage?

My soft words scream passion

Like a lamb bleating its agony of slaughter.

O, I’ll scream my agony in your ears,

Whilst my tears smother you in salt

And I’ll deafen you into a nothingness of hearing.

My rage will bind your endearing, trusting wrists

And my wisdom will twist reptilian

Like a medicinal fist full of kindness

That will knock you sideways like Satan’s tongue.

Your blank ears will focus your eyes



Look at me.

Look at my form;

Look at my shape - my faults -

My imperfections

And look at each strand of my hair.

Look at my thighs

Then my eyes which clamour

As my soul quakes

To the shaking of my legs.

Just see me whole.

Look at me dressed

In my nudity, my apple-grabbing bareness

Which blares in my ribs of bark

That flinch at your hand’s command.

Look at me in darkness and in daylight,

I dare you.

I won’t spare you

I dare you: touch me.

Eat too much of me

Clutch me and

Touch me so I shiver

And squirm.

You’ve seen me; now feel me more.

F e e l

M e

Until my body is bruised and sore.

Grab me

With each fragment of your DNA fingerprint

And mark my body with crime scene ink,

You wicked Devil of printing press passion.

Feel my body as it undulates

Under you and over you.

Feel my heat as I stand away from you

With my chest tied like a knot around yours

So that we rot like two ink blots on a page.

We are thriving darling

But in this moment's affection

I am nothing and everything;

An affliction of dialectics

Conjoined into synthesis.

Feel my lake that drowns you

And feel my chest when it beats

And heats like a furnace under my breasts as you clasp them.

Hear me as I gasp my soul into mist

To mystify you.

Sink my heavy breaths in your mouth

And taste my skin with your tongue

For each pore

is Yours.

Here, now.

Die by my energy,

I command you with my submission:

We are paradox seeking nullity.

You are Antony in Actium’s battle

Fleeing the sea

And holding my arms

Like roots hold soil

But we are ocean

So dissolve me as I evolve with your body divine.

I am electric tonight;

I am bolts and volts of explosive light

Which destroy and make bright

The darkness you hold within.

I’ll eat you alive with goodness

And feed you with my essence

And love you with my spirit

Until you believe you’re the sky

So that your lightning blends my storms

And we create


Destroy me then mould me.

Tear me then hold me.

Just rip me, strip me bare

And shred me into a thread that holds your soul.

Just hold me

Breathe me

And love me

As I love you.

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