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Consumption: visualised

A co-project with the wonderful ELOR - ELOR on the photography - myself on composition of visual, voice and the written poetry.

This video aims to present the female body as infinitely desirable. We sadly live in a society where media pressure and falsification of media content misleads women into believing their bodies are not good enough. This video is thus a testimony to the body in which art, sex and flesh coincide in order to inspire women to love their bodies and to enjoy sex and intimacy as a mode of self-empowerment. It connects the body to the natural forces of soil, water, fire and thunder as to align the material body with the immense power of nature, which in itself is chararistically perceived as female. Through spoken language, composition and photography I mix media here to create a synthesis. In this sense the video (as a body or unity of coalescence) becomes a representation of the female body itself as both are sites where multiple forces collide to create a whole.

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