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Ha! We live!

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Never be ashamed of overthinking and over-feeling, it is a beautiful thing to feel. Sensitivity is precious, don’t lose it. Those who mock it misunderstand it and want it. Regret is the most horrid emotion one can feel and no matter how badly someone treats you, one must take a breath, step away and smile for what was. Things end, sometimes for the better. Flux is a commonality; it lurks but we make sense of chaos with our hearts and through each other. We have an endless well of feeling that we can draw from. We must give ourselves to those who match our waters with their storms of brilliance. Never let anyone make you feel small, we are giants here, we are trees of the earth and growing ever-upward. We are autumn leaves and we change, grow and bloom like spring flowers. Those who try to chisel and fell our branches wish to do so because their leaves have died, and they are spiteful, desiring growth. Smile always, dance to music, blast it, sing it, dance and weep as if you are crying tempests and scream “I live! I live!” because it is a beautiful thing to live, to think, to feel, to breathe. Hold those you love. Love is support, it is always boosting, it is always lifting. It can be cruel, we can forgive this or let it go. Letting go. We must sometimes simply let go; it is a painful but necessary pre-condition of progress. Love is simply kindness. Unkindness is an empty currency, those who use it are hardly worth the expense of your time. Unkindness, though, is not always a reflection of a person, we slip, we are creatures of complexity and kindness is a skill to be learnt and taught. Sometimes we are unkind when we mean not to be - it's just about assessing whether a person’s actions are unkind or they themselves are unkind to the core. There is a difference, we can forgive the former but not the latter. Forgiveness is a fortified palace, it is the most perfect encapsulation of strength, it is strength itself. Anger is a pathless wasteland, stray not in it for long as no benefit will come from it. It is a horrible unavoidable fire that burns right in the chest, but we must learn to exhale it into nothingness so that we have room for goodness where it matters, so that we can tuck away all those we love under our ribs and protect them and let their beauty grow like vines through our bones and in our lungs. Love furiously and shamelessly. Those who shame happiness and love are pitiful creatures, I mourn for them for if we cannot be joyful for others and others are all we have then we will feel no joy at all. Love is never shameful. Love and love and love against those who shame you, your love will either leak to their heart or they will simply become a speck in the flourish of your laughter. Laugh, oh, always laugh for life is absurd and so are we. Absurdity is a wonderful little thing though; it is a blanket that lets us know we can do the most ridiculous of things and love is the most ridiculous of all. It is ridiculous because it is so powerful, and its power is so misunderstood. When we are in pain we must laugh and laugh and if we are hurt, we must laugh because we know this pain will fade whilst laughter erupts and grows louder in its own beauty. I am laughing right now because I am living, and I love, and I am loved. How utterly and brilliantly absurd! Time itself is a funny little thing that runs away from us; the ever-moving clock with legs. Ha! But we can challenge it because we are so powerful because we can feel, and feeling is power. We are meaning makers in a world of nothingness and we make meaning through the beauty of our minds. If one’s mind is poisoned by pettiness, hatred and anger then one's world will appear to them as a horrible little place. If we flush our minds with knowledge and truth and empathy, then the world will mean something very different to us; it will be a place of opportunity and goodness and growth. We can always, always grow and oh, isn’t it beautiful that we have access to infinity like that? Isn’t it wonderful that we can make a second into much more than a second just by thinking, by going outside that moment by accessing memory and the past and thinking about the future? We are masters of Time! Sorcerers of reality! Oh, it’s wonderful; smile for we are so precious and we can be so good. Be kind. Laugh. Love always.

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