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Lost World

Look at her



Past those caverns

The soul behind a cloak of blue

It is deep but more desperate

You cannot fathom

She cannot be who you love

She gave Achilles his heel

The burns of all Styx and asphodel,

Proof of your indomitability,

Reforged to pay on their debts to god

Paris guided by her hand

Sun glints on the wormwood

Buried within his one flaw

Forever to be known for his failure

She is your mirror

Sacrificed for your sinful countenance

Red, white, and purple glow

Under all of your fabric

As your punishment for eye contact

You shall see her view

All the gnarls and strays

For only you see

She gave the moon purpose

Those hooks continue their trajectory

Ascend, sail, rise, and shoot

Those that must, may be provided their query

Though that choice the moon must make

She will walk the seas for that pleasure

Those tides sink and roar to its delight

But always underfoot

She is that void

That tear in light

That which seemed theoretical

That which can atomize a soul

Seen easily and escape impractical

All that is worthy

And all that is now

Cannot rescue you from this experience

Achilles can withstand any bow

Mirrors will always reflect

The moon will always pull the souls of men

And the void is inescapable

Those realities bind your choice with nettles and ivy

A low slope climbed every morn

That which is barely painless every day

You must withstand forever

That choice you make after waking

Must be made tomorrow

Those needles from yesterday

Will still be there

But why must this be true?

That which is steel can still rust

That which is sharp can dull

That does not have to change you

You are your reality

Love believes itself to be infinite

A contract that cannot be violated

It lives like a thief of your agency

That thief is what takes you from yourself

It takes your defences

It takes your beliefs

It makes you believe that this is a fair trade

You wake up every day to believe

That unconditional is not theft

To sell yourself for just a promise


That choice every morning is yours

You do not have to sell yourself for anything

Like the moon, the void, or the gods

You are reality


Look I don't really know where this one was going but I just couldn't focus on finals so Im just gonna write about whats on my mind. I originally was going to write about love and all but that's kinda been done a lot already. So I decided to write about the ways in which we change ourselves and the things we do for love, how we choose to put up this false reality to fit someone that really doesn't fit, and the damage it causes to oneself over time. See, said it wasn't about love. Sarcasm aside, I really like reality as a motif and the idea that it only exists as we perceive it, so it can be changed but not denied. I believe love for someone or thing is a choice made everyday and so that solution to the pain brought on by that nearly false feeling is solved by centering yourself and being honest with yourself. I don't really know anymore what I'm saying anymore here but I hope it was good and I hope you guys have some different opinion to discuss as well.

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