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Modern Love

Accountable tack: that old effaced ideal

lost in how you capitalise on skin

as you swathe in the murk of hyperbole.

‘I’m not a capitalist’ but

look at you coin in those tacky bodies

drenched in sweat, hoarding them

to soothe away the empty boredom .

‘Nice booty’, the antiquated meaning of the word,

denoting your looted pile of valued treasures.

‘Nice booty’: look how we defile beauty

in our greed for vapid pleasures.

Language depleted by surface,

the artifice of modern love -

or modern lovelessness.

Tally up

those bodies for a net-value,

then net in a few more,

there's nothing like a fresh catch,

a fresh match on tinder: that glorified

meat picking market.

Exchange and alienate, Schumpeter echoes

'creative destruction': God you're an artist

if destruction is creative and

a rich one too with all those bodies, all that

rump steak booty, nice ass, inches and inches

to measure your worth by.

Minutes commit genocide in the hump -


thumpeddy of headboard on the wall:

the force of desire -

if you can even call it that.

Seems more like a cure to me.

Hot, sticky coagulations of limbs

as you fuse together like hot blood and

then lie there in congealed coldness.

Motionless in the moonbeams, you lie weighted

with all that thoughtless predation.

One body is too heavy to bear,

four is much lighter; less accountability,

More tactility and lustful agility that way.

Less tact though; messy business.

Must be tiring.

Tactlessness takes work and my

god you work hard at your day job;

working that body of yours like a

sweet fuck-machine.

One body is too heavy to bear

because in having one you hold a soul at night

not just multitudes of ribs and skin.

Its always much easier to have too much

than to simply have enough.

Satisfaction is a heavy business, a tricky art

but you, my little capitalist, will always

acquire and always desire a little more

until you look into the riches you’ve

accumulated to realise

the worthless splendour of it all.

So big spender, give it some thought -

or would that be risking too much?

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