Mother Bear

You are,

An allegory become,

For the great skies above,

Bathed in pollution,

Raining acid on your tum.

You are,

Venus’ paragon,

Mistaken for a satellite's shine,

A cosmic rosebud,

Needed of no design.

You are,

A geode,

With grains of sand,

Loosened in crevices of stone,

Seeking shelter in my hand.

You are,

Flecked and wrecked,

Equal parts made,


And burnt with age.

You are,


You are,

Droplets cascading from cheeks and,

Wrestled off sheets,

Lent to runaway sleep,

Holding half smiles,

Meant to hide your teeth.

You are,

Hindered bones,

Bones hindering,

Swaddled by wires,


On Smartie-like things.

You are,

Child’s play,

A puddle in the rain,

Of blood diluted with saltwater,

Oh, what little remains.

You are,

My Mother Bear,

Retiring in size,

And abandoned to my care.


Where is my Mother Bear,

When you are barely there?


Hey, this is my first time writing for this site and I just wanted to say how lovely the community seems! Fingers-crossed, it'll motivate me to get back into writing, even if I am a little rusty!

Hoping everyone is safe and happy right now,

Sending love :)

Cover photo: Deviprasad Chand Art, Feb 18, 2017

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