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On a Positive Note

I am happiest when the sun shines or when I see you, though those feel one and the same nowadays, as your presence feels as warm as the rays. Traipsing after you is a clarity which only accompanies early mornings following tiring nights, where the light brightens the mind as it pours over windowsills, emulating a tranquil stream. No longer do I yearn for a time when fairy cakes tasted as though they hosted magic, or when a golden glow under-chin translated to a like for butter. Grateful. You carry a reminder of a childhood I scarcely cherish. A nostalgic aroma, one of rain-stained pavements conjoined with the colour of a sky dyed with a juvenile voice asking for permission to play in puddles. Faintly. Time by your side swells, your company as kind as a summer solstice. The days grow longer once more. My favourite emotion and most precious omen of our human existence personifies, evolving into a live thing. It is one of laughter conjured through tear-spent eyes, where the solemness of crying and the bubbling of a suppressed giggle meet. With you, a similar happiness arrives as an unexpected guest. And as the days begin to and the sun retires earlier, I find myself cradling it closely in the arms of a welcomed home.

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