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Take the skip skip skip to cross that street

Make it look too close to walk than run

Provide peace to those who cross

It's an easy step to watch, but a leap to live


Those lines, they straighten from a blur

Cheap? Check your statement

Cause this is a gold cross in our pavement

That collision

That breaks both in one moment

A contact of those missing pieces

And I begin to lose your hand

Linear 90-degree split

Another blink to miss and it's back to blur

We run further in our way

And lose that past

I'll always be on your left

Like I was on your right

But ever further we go

Only able to look but never embrace again

Every tree once lived among the grass

But we must grow

Find new company

Among the boughs of those who grew too


Of course, it was our fate

The line is behind me is none

A dark horizon that watches a setting sun

And there you are again


I know I left to focus and learn more writing skills but I found it to be much harder without the feedback I got from everyone on here. I really appreciate the past year as I put my thoughts on paper but I'd still be writing about moles or the same Greek references if it wasn't for the kind help from everyone who reads these works. I wrote this one on flash-in-the-pan friendships/loves, the impact such a short time together can have, and the acceptance of personal growth and the cost of such growth. I chose to end it on a positive line because I believe that nothing is truly over, that these short phases do return and that much like how people grow apart, they can grow together. I imagine the random couple stanzas with rhyme in it is a bit odd but I tried to set it up as a pretence to the two moments in which there is contact. I was hoping to portray a put-togetherness and near sense of preparedness for the subjects, a sign of growth.

I hope you all liked it and I would love feedback to keep getting better.

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