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Please Don't be Mean

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

I hate to say this

I really hate to say this

I hate that people will hate me saying this

I hate that I will hate that people will hate me saying this

I hate that this is unnecesarily in stanzas just to say this

Adam Sandler is a good actor and a role model

I said it

I will say it again and if you wish I will scream it from the heavens

I have bullied myself over this fact I believe

And I know that the pain is worth the truth





Even his worst movies are good

And you know why?

I do not think you will care but

It looks like a lot of fun making them and they probably loved doing it

I can definitely say he makes bad movies

But believe me

When you have seen Jack and Jill or Grown Ups while high

It all makes sense

Also by the standards I have set,

Uncut Gems is the best movie of all time

It is

And if you think for a second that he did even a mediocre job in that film please kiss my boot

In an age of controversial celebs, bad role models, and shady second lives

Adam Sandler just vibes

Dude literally cannot be cancelled

Cause he has done nothing but wear oversize tee shirts and eat bagels

In conclusion

Adam Sandler is a god-tier celebrity

Completely unproblematic,

Could be taken seriously but likes to do dumb movies instead,

Just a really nice guy,

And he is the number one guy I want to have a beer with.

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