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Present infinity

Balcony-blessed romance:

We stood with the world at our feet

Eyes flickering as they met with shy mutual comfort

For you assure me of the world

Like Saturn’s ring holds her gently in spatialised circumference.

We waltzed to old music, oh we were entirely alone

With only the company of our bleating hearts

Which climbed like fleeting ladders into the sky

Where celestial patterns jigged to the jolts of our chests.

I was weightless in your arms,

Caught in a cliché fit of utter adoration.

I swallowed my utterances, I muttered and confessed to you

The inertial agony of my love for you.

We faced the devil together

As you licked me with your flames

But soothed my burns with an aloe tongue.

You melted my legs all to wax, my limbs to liquid gold

And my mind to ink which folds itself hence like fresh laundry

As I pour my being into your hands and let you hold it.

I think of flowers blooming at increased speed -

Petal by petal exploding forth,

When I think of your breaths as you show me your love.

I hear the most delicate of piano keys

For you tap my soul into melodic harmony with yours.

It is unbearable, I know:

We sigh and mock our own absurdity

But I cherish those ebbing eyes like Poseidon does his oceans.

The motion of our bodies burns in my head

And I crave the deadening agony of ecstasy, your touch.

No lips have ever promised such softness,

Nor two hands such protectionist gentility.

So, on the balcony tonight, we shall look upon the city

The world that falls like electric string before us

And know it is entirely conquerable

For the strongest current in the world runs between us

Like an invisible rope of tension held steadfast

In this present infinity.

Really need to get back into writing, bit rusty. But anyway I wrote this to an absolutely beautiful piano piece. It really makes me think of that feeling of excitement but fear when you feel something strongly for another person - that kind of love for the delicacy and raw tenderness of reciprocal exposition but then that biting terror in that making oneself delicate for another. The whole title present infinity relates to the idea that most things in life feel transient, they operate in the present and then are gone but I think we make permanence by feeling - yes whilst feelings change there is something so solid in knowing we have felt that or will continue to feel it - if anything falling in love is just hope and hope counters loss and transience - its weird how it is both security and yet the most exposing, unsettling thing we can do. Anyway, enough of me rambling, give this a listen it's utterly beautiful :

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