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Pungent, petrifying

Scent sensation

Tees with long sleeves

Return my adoration

Chanel or Dior

Neither my fascination

But with that from you

Revives my dedication

Sandalwood fries

The hairs that stand

Off an old rag hoodie

A log of what to demand

Salt, sea, and sun

Never ask or command

Blind, deaf, drunk

Even more, I understand

Pits so deep

I need a drill

One last test

Much worse than swill

The Tuesday choice

Bags to make me ill

A burden of muck

A weeks chore to fulfill

Too much perfume

I taste it too

All that smoke and soot

Shot out of the flue

Lilacs, leather, and new cars too

All made to remind me of you

A fishmonger at late sunset

May also be true


I wanted to write about a series of senses and its connection to emotion and memory. Its been in my head for a while now so I just kinda jotted it all down. This first one was all about smell and those tied experiences, feelings, and memories brought by it. Its importance to the mind is much more important than its practicality.

I will be writing about other senses, even if it is a bit of a played-out topic. I liked this one as a more lighthearted jaunt as opposed to the usual emotion coming in the way of actual quality. This was less a journal entry and more a creative exercise, a nice change of pace.

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