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Solar Love

A life in a year of blushed cheeks rouged with complexity,

We glow in our agedness like old Oak amidst a field of wheat

For Time climbs vine-like in the fiery discs of your eyes

As they set feathers aflame and light the sky with light.

Moons fade in your lips that eclipse all painfulness

Whilst we heave through hungry lungs that long to coalesce

In our shared breath of entwined vineyard splendour.

Clouds of pink spiralise in ceaseless skies of boundless peacock blue,

Yet still you change shades with the seasons and grow with the willows,

That billow and sway soothingly in the breezes of delight.

Fruits of wonderment hang like succulent raindrops from your branches

And I long to pick them all and fall for that I might,

Yet in spite of the danger you pose to my every sense of self

I crave the health of the pulp and stem of tenderness.

Edenic and idyllic, you are the essence of all the blossom in the world

And so, I must watch you cast your petals and catch them in baskets of silk,

Where they may gather in your ilk of puzzling magnificence.

Our easy sensibilities recline like two paths set to heaven,

Running parallel but entirely in conjunction; our ladders of understanding

Extend to the stars and so we climb to clasp sky-gems in golden hands.

Though to catch the stars is to simply watch you glimmer and shine as you do -

Perfectly and splendidly; making snapshots with my eyes

So that I may hold your body in the chasms of my mind;

Your ceaseless candour and ardency panders to my innermost self

Igniting the blackness of my universe with the energy of flame.

Energy is eternal delight, the fight for self comes only with feeling.

Thus, my cosmic chaos explodes before you in easy reciprocity,

Meandering it’s effervescence like winding rivers of electric lilac

Where neon sparks of gratitude for you jump henceforth in tiny currents.

Words unsaid flow in the undergrowth;

I long to say them all but black holes envelop them in silence

Yet still you catch my galaxies and cast rings around my planets

That punctuate my skin like ferocious freckles of stardust.

I must confess my world implodes in your galactic presence.

We are giants here, now, living and breathing

Feeling and seething with the world’s indifference

Yet we find passionate sameness in the stars that we smile

As if they will all dance to the rhythm of kindness that beats your heart.

Our mindscapes are all we live by so watch as our infinitesimal selves

Begin e x p a n d i n g into a brilliance of magnitude

Which weighs me not down with casual brevity,

But slays my sadness with the anti-gravity of this selfless solar love.

Causal and uncaused, I cannot explain you by structure

For you have ruptured a landscape of stillness with explosive vigour.

So here, star-lover, hold my hands and imbibe my breath

In a solar love that eludes both twins of life and death.

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