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Updated: Dec 10, 2020

I like to skip stones on the water

There is nothing I know that is more pleasant

Scouring the beach all day

And finding just the right rocks

Its a calming experience

Skipping away at my heart's content

It has no importance, no income will be made, no one will remember it

Its is just me

I have to find the perfect stones to throw

Good but not too perfect

It takes a bit to know what im looking for but in the end ill find that special few

And begin the experience

I have to have the right form to throw it just right

And from there reach as low as possible

Almost as if to return the stone from whence it came

And launch

Its not a thrilling experience

You should probably check your priorities if you feel a sense of giddy excitement the whole way through

However, there are those good moments

And thats all thats needed

I watch it skip skip and skip

That once perfect stone now being put to its intended purpose

Continuing on its up and down motion, always returning to its highs

And i watch to see how far we go

Of course the laws of attraction dictates this must eventually sink

Maybe after 2 skips, maybe 100

Maybe a waves comes up and catches it before I even get a chance to see it fly

Either way, that rock is gone

Keep this going, handful after handful of rocks

Maybe im disappointed by one that seems so sure of a long ride

Maybe an unassuming one i never expected much from impresses

Either way, i will end up with my hands empty and my burden gone

Sometimes i wish for a stone that will never stop skipping and watch it fly forever

Those rocks sink, back to their home

Theyll eventually be pushed back to the shore

And maybe it will be me to skip them again


Hey just wanted to say this for the 100th time now that I really do love this site and being able to put my thoughts to paper(eh) has been a really nice escape. I know its like the 50th time ive made a slightly downer piece and that it is not exactly a great vibe but i have really have had a wonderful experience here. I love all the constructive criticism and feedback and just wanted to say that again.

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