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A Supernova

They predicted it would end soon

One final boom to burn us all up.

I stood atop a cliff looking over the ocean as the sun set for the last time.

Its red glow lit the water

An ocean of blood lay before me.

I heard stories that it used to be yellow

That it used to be smaller.

But things have changed.

If it really is all going away now

There was no where else I’d rather be

And no one I’d rather be with besides


At least the end was beautiful.

At least we turned into something beautiful

Only to become a star once again

And become something beautiful

Even if it weren’t for very long

Before it all returned to


But this end was alright with me.

We held hands and watched for a while.

We didn’t say much.

There wasn’t much to be said.

We didn’t need to tell each other how we felt.

We both knew.

There was no anxiety.

Just happiness.


Her grip tightened.

I turned to look at her and smiled.

Her beautiful face looked up at me

And she smiled back.

I leaned over and kissed her.

I couldn’t think about anything else

Just me and her

And when the sky flashed pink I told her I loved her

She began to reply

But we were already gone.

We were a beautiful cloud of gas.

We were sent out in a blaze of glory.

We were happy.

I woke up.

She lay asleep next to me

Beautiful as ever.

I smiled.

There wasn’t anywhere else I’d rather be.


Hey. I figured I'd post some of my older work from high school before I began posting new content. I think I wrote this in 2016? I've not properly written in a while, so my writing quality may be a bit sub par. Whoops. Either way, I'm interested to see how my older work compares to my new in terms of style and tone. I'll be the first to admit I was pretty severely depressed in high school, and my work from the time absolutely reflects that. Hope you guys enjoy, even if it is a bit emo. I promise my newer stuff won't be so... uhh... depressing.

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