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What's Your Favorite Celestial Body? Mine's the Moon.

You know,

It’s weird, right


Growing up,

I had always wanted a brother

Or a sister,

(I didn’t (and still don’t) discriminate)

I don’t think I woke up one morning

And realized


I love being alone”

Maybe it was when I finally started to figure myself out?

Maybe it was a deliberate effort

To shut myself off from The World

Because I was scared of what The World would see,

Or something cheesy like that,

I’m not sure


I love being alone

I remember

When I was a kid,

I would have weekend plans

EVERY weekend,

Like, there was always someone to hangout with

I miss having that kind of energy

It’s not that I, like,

Dislike hanging out with people


Fuck me, I’m tired


I don’t mean

People drain me


They do,

But not in a bad way,


I’m just tired

And putting on my happy face,

Shoving down half the thoughts in my head,

Takes effort

I’m digging myself into a hole

Aren’t I?


It’s not that I’m unwilling

To put in effort,

But I’m just me,

And every day,



Takes a little more

I can only give so much


Don’t get me wrong,

Like, I’m happy to give you everything,

Which may or may not be much,

But it’s all have,

Just about


I just need to be alone,

No disrespect,

No shame,

But I’m a bit of a pain in the ass anyways,

I think

Like, if anything,

I’m doing you a favor,


Which may or may not be much,

But it works out for both of us

Until I lie down to fall asleep,


I feel empty,

And I look over,

To your side of the bed,

(The one you stole from me)

And notice that

It, too,

Is empty

You know,

It’s weird, right


For years,

I had always wanted my own space


Don’t get me wrong,

I’ve let people in before,

A lot,


Every time, I was still tired

Is it possible for someone to actually make me feel awake, or alive, or willing to get out of bed in the morning?

I didn’t know

I could be alone,

Truly alone,

With you.

I didn’t know

I would be sad,

Being alone,

Without you.


Can we be alone


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