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Born of the sea, and to return I shall. Marching to the shores and over stones, sinking into pits and finally getting my first taste of what earth has to offer me. My ankles sting, goosebumps arise as the waves calmly brush through my shins. I can still stand. This is the most common depth that I stay. But today, I see the horizon, that sherbert hue becoming more and more vibrant. The sky preparing to announce its master, and I shall meet her there. I step forward and am buffeted by the tide. I halt until my balance is back, and advance. Waist deep, the cold has struck, I feel the pins and needles of a body begging for my return to normalcy. Chest deep, the waves strike over my head as a final warning to not trifle with its power. My body has given up all resistance to my brain. I am in control of my actions. My ultimatum is sent to the roaring sea. I am up to my neck but continue to plant my feet in the sand. I will not let Triton control my drive forward. The current changes and I feel the depth get lower, yet I am still walking forward. That beautiful mistress sends the faintest glow of scarlet from the east. I continue my journey to meet it. The water is now at my knees and lowering more. I have walked a mile yet the shore is right behind me. That red glow begins to shrink as the horizon rises. The water is at my ankles now as the sherbert sky is replaced by a shadow. A new shade of blue fills the atmosphere around me. The only other color I can see are the white caps of the great wave ahead of me. I did not listen. This is my punishment. I can still see the Sun through the approaching tsunami, distorted yet stunning in its radiance. It is the last light I will see for a while. The great wave swallows me into darkness. I did not listen to the warnings. I only saw hope in Icarus's plight that I may one say be with this radiant star.

As I sink, I feel warmth. I feel a familiarity that I have not felt in a long time. I feel the ocean and I know that is where I am meant to be. I enjoy splashing into the shores, I enjoy seeing the infinite stars at night and using them to guide myself. I no longer need to go east. I can go where I please. I did not listen to the Sun, nor myself as well. I will still love the daytime but the night is for me now.


Yeah I honestly have no idea what I was doing with that but I definitely am starting to love writing on this site even though I have very little creative writing skill. I hope you guys enjoyed it and if you have any tips or anything to help me get better, I would love to hear them. Be as critical as you want. Everything helps in any way. Thank you.

-Also isn't it wild that that painting is Long Branch about 120 years ago? Like theres zero development and I am really annoyed that NJ used to actually be beautiful and now I get my foot stuck in a random fertilizer bag that was floating through the ocean whenever I am at that beach.

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